Osborne House

New Residential 

Asked to design a contemporary interpretation of a traditional ‘Burradoo’ house was a fabulous project for our studio as it challenged us to consider what a traditional house in the country might start to be. OSBORNE HOUSE is a grounded, pavilion house which holds its own against the surrounding estates and properties, offering to the street the scale, proportion and gravitas of similar surrounding houses, but re-interpreted as a contemporary family home which addresses the garden, captures the sun and explores public and private both in its floor plan and its elevational treatment.

The street facing elevation screens and protects the dwelling, whilst the rear of the house opens itself up toward the north and captures the sun – a real treasure in the cold climate of the Southern Highlands.

The floor plan is arranged so that public spaces are to the west of the main entry, whilst private guest rooms are to the east.

A simple arrangement of pavilions and links creates tranquil, refined and robust spaces. There is no excessive fuss or ornamentation, just a simple palette of materials assembled beautifully with an emphasis on quality detailing and craftsmanship. The success of the project is in its simplicity and its elegance, as it questions what a grand country house is all about.

Osborne House was awarded:

Institute of Architects NSW Regional Architecture Awards (2022) Commendation – Residential Architecture (New).


Location: Burradoo NSW

BUILT: 2019

BUILDER: Arise Building Services

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natalie Hunfalvey