K House

New Residential 

K House challenged us to design a country house for a family of 9 – seeking a sense of home, and a strong connection to their site, horses and the broader natural landscape.

Their request was simple – the house was to be zoned into 4 compartments – one a main living space, one for the 4 young boys, one for the parents and their daughter and another for grandparent accommodation -the brief asked for children, grandparents and parents to have their own space in the plan, but to come together so that family time was a shared experience.

The project is expressed a simple crucifix shape, with the roof-line connecting the various parts of the programme. Each zone to meets in a physical and notional centre-point on the plan – a unification of the separate parts into one. The form and finishes emphasise the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Location: Glenquarry NSW

BUILT: 2022

BUILDER: Gibraltar Constructions

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natalie Hunfalvey